Saturday, 2 June 2012

~ HFW Day 5~

Day 5 <SubhanAllah its day 5 already!! :o> theme is special occassion. With summer being wedding season, first thing that comes to mind is WEDDING!! I love traditional fashion from everywhere but especially African <duh!> and Asian <had my ss'11 collection for Mirembe Collection inspired by both because I cant seem to get enough>. So anyways as we all know, both are quite extravagant. I got a kaftan <Mirembe collections limited edition> and a wrap skirt <Mirembe collections as well> and I teamed this up with a Gele I got online and Colourful super heels because what is me without a random splash of colour? For the Jewellery I went simple with a Jasper Conran watch, A diamond bracelet and a pearl one.
This has definately been the FUNNEST look to put together, took me ages trying to do the head  piece but Alhamdulillah I finally got there.

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  1. What a brave girl u've been with such bold colors... And alwiz look nice on them. Good for you..