Friday, 15 June 2012

~Zahra Zakariya~

I would like to introduce to you the amazing lady behind ZAHRA ZAKARIA designs...
Before we go into it, I must admit, with her it was love at first blog??? Hence her being my style crush here.  A great inspiration and a good example of how empowered women are in Islam as opposed to the oppression others imagine.  <<<I might just start begging for a collaboration at some point at this rate lol..>>>
Zahra Akinpeju, young muslimah of Nigerian origin, just completed her first degree in Economics at The School of Oriental and African Studies. 

~Fashion Background~

My first fashion business venture was ZNZ Fashion, a partnership between myself and an old school friend in 2010. I found it really fun an exciting seeing my creations come to life and the reception it got from other people. As a self taught designer and dress maker, this was very encouraging. 
Now I'm a solo designer under the Zahra Zakariya alias, and its really nice working as an individual as your creativity shines thru. I'm excited to add more African prints and inspiration to my work and also look forward to expanding my scoe to cover women empowerment and confidence building, particularly in the muslim communities of the west African region. 

~Advice for other muslimahs~
Whatever business ideas u have, be it fashion, cooking, event planning,,, take the plunge! And leave the rest to Allah. Plan well, have a clear vision and work hard. As future/ current wives and mothers, we are the pillars of the community. Being entrepreneurs is vital for the betterment of the ummah and we all need to support one another.

You can find more of her fabulousity here:


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