Sunday, 30 September 2012

~ FEATURE: SixteenR ~

Here is a brief interview with the Awesome SIXTEENR.COM
I must admit, they have some of the coolest and versatile hijabs I have seen. Enjoy the read.


We are a forward thinking scarf/hijab online store with the motto "scarves that empower". We view the scarf as a statement, work of art, and most importantly, a tool of empowerment, whether you are Muslim or Non-Muslim. was founded by designer Nancy Hoque, based out of the US. Nancy lives in Singapore currently, so there is a huge SE Asia influence. 


We design scarves with graphic images, silk screened onto our scarves.We want our scarves to have a message and meaning. We choose unusual fabrics with interesting color combinations to add some spunk into the scarves. We Love making tutorials to inspire new styles. We believe headscarf fashion is a unqiue form of expression of art, as well as it is a positive identity as a Muslim. Our best known scarves are our supersonic headphones, barcode,  and under-hoodie scarves. We recently just launched our flag line, in anticipation of the Olympics. We will be launching the eL Seed for 16R line very soon, scarves designed by reknown street artist eL Seed himself! 


Be proud to show off your own style and your identity as a Muslim. Be creative. If you are confident, you will be able to carry your look with style. And always be true to yourself. If you make a commitment to do something, stick to it and follow through. It is always rewarding to achieve our aspirations.



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