Wednesday, 3 October 2012

~Modern Mary~

Modern Mary, exactly what it says on the tin. A modern twist to modest fashion. I find it really simple and practicle. Here is a quick interview with the creative behind it all and alot more on their facebook page 

Background & Bio
I was born and raised in New York in an Uzbek Muslim household.  After moving to Virginia I completed my BA in Psychology, and received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology after getting married. I now reside outside of the Washington DC area with my Husband and two children. My boutique is located outside of DC, offering my customers an exclusive shopping experience without compromise to privacy and comfort. The boutique's modern and high end appeal reflects the same values as my brand, Modern Mary.

I’ve always had an understanding of fashion and a strong sense of how to style. When shopping through the malls, there was no difficulty in creating a modest wardrobe, rather a challenge. Actually, the challenge was exciting and refreshing; kept me hunting through each store in the mall. Women would always stop me and ask me, “where did you buy that?” or “how did you think of putting that outfit together?” Noticing the comments and compliments, I knew I was doing something right. And what is better than putting together an outfit? Designing an outfit! I want women to have a fun and comfortable shopping experience. The only way was to bring the designs to them. I know what elements are needed to make a modest yet modern design. Design is not just how it looks, but how it fits, how it feels, and how it flows. Not only is designing a passion of mine, but I am good at it.

My Inspiration:
What inspires me is a desire to adhere to my values without limiting myself to preconceived notions while designing for women who come from various backgrounds and traditions. I want to design for ALL women, and my designs are for ALL women.

When starting a business, it’s more than just pursuing a passion. Yes, you have to be passionate about what you are doing, but you also have to be persistent, willing to learn, and ready to play various roles. I can’t run a business by just designing- I had to learn to be a manager, bookkeeper, marketer, etc. Network with other entrepreneurs/designers and turn to family and friends for support. Thankfully I have a great support network I can turn to when seeking advice and guidance- from family to colleagues.

Find them here for their boutique
8300 Old Courthouse Rd, Suite 231
Vienna VA 22182

modest designs | modern concepts
Established 2008 by designer Seema S. Sahin

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