Monday, 19 November 2012

~Book: You can be the happiest woman in the world: Dr. A'id al Qarni.~


Another master piece from Dr. A'id al Qarni. I have looked everywhere on the internet for a full PDF version of this book but it doesn't exist unfortunately so I will share parts of it on here as often as I can. It is amazing, trust me, you get hooked after the first sentence. ENJOY!!! 

To every Muslim woman who is content with Allah as her Lord, Islam as her religion, Muhammed (Blessings and Peace be upon him) as her Prophet.
To every girl who follows the path of truth, who carries the message of sincerity.

To every teacher who strives by means of her words to convey knowledge and values, and has purified her soul.

To every mother who brings her children up to fear Allah and to follow the Sunnah, and makes virtue dear to them.

To every woman who is burdened with worries and sadness.

Rejoice and receive the glad tidings of a way-out at hand, the care of Allah, a great reward and expiation of sin

Welcome, O' devou, Allah fearing woman who prays and fasts

Welcome, O' wise, dignified woman who observes hijab

Welcome, O' aware, well-read and educated woman 

Welcome, O' charitable, sincere, trusthworthy and loyal woman

Welcome, O' patient woman who seeks reward from Allah

Welcome, O' woman who remembers Allah and gives to Him, and calls upon Him

Welcome, O' woman who follow the footsteps of Asiyah, Maryam, and Khadijah

Welcome, O' mother of heroes and producer of men

Welcome, O' cherisher and guardian of values

Welcome, O' woman who heeds the sacred limits of Allah and keeps away from forbidden things....

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