Friday, 1 February 2013

~ -No- You can be the happiest woman in the world: Dr. A'id al Qarni~

Asalam Aleikum Warahmatullah! Another clip from the amazing book You can be the happiest woman in the world by Dr. A'id al Qarni. Its long having to write this intro for every extract so unless I say otherwise, they will all be from the book In Sha Allah. Pray this helps someone somewhere.


No to wating time in trivial pursuits, and love of revenge and futile arguments.

No to giving priority to money and accumulation of wealth over one's health, happiness, sleep, and peace of mind.

No to seeking out other people's faults and backbiting about them, whilst forgetting one's own faults.

No to indulging in physical pleasure and giving in to every whim and desire.

No to wasting time with shallow people and spending hours in idle pursuits.

No to neglecting physical hygeine and cleanliness in the house, and being disorganized at home.

No to haram drinks, cigarettes, narghile ("hookah pipes"), and all foul things.

No to thinking of past calamities and dwelling on past mistakes.

No to forgetting the Hereafter and neglecting to strive for it, and to being careless of what will happen in the Hereafter.

No to wasting money one harm things, being extravagant with regard to permissable things, and falling short in acts of worship

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