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First review and overly excited. Hope you enjoy.


''Glam Bakes is a new brand of stylish nourishing body cosmetics designed for people of all ages. All of our products have dessert inspired fragrances. With fabulous body flavours including our Signature Strawberry & Coconut Cupcake, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Mango & Passionfruit Sorbet, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

The aim of Glam Bakes is to provide sweet feminine cosmetic products to women everywhere to make you look and feel amazing. Glam Bakes is run by a team of young, enthusiastic, passionate, and creative individuals who love smelling and feeling fabulous, and would like to now provide you with their Glamtastic products.

Our main products currently range softening body butters, moisturising body oil, luxurious bath melts, beautifying body polish, glamorous perfume balms, delectable lip balms, and a selection of accessories. In the future as brand awareness is raised we aim to increase our product selection with more delicious sweet treats so you can indulge yourself without any guilt.''


Before I go into the products, I must warn, I absoluuuuutellllllly love these products so you should be ready for a lot of amazing and love.. Even the packaging was cute.


This is their body scrubber feels so good and it gives you an extra sense of clean and exfoliated. Not as rough as some as I have tried before. Does the job and leaves your body feeling smooth. Recommended to use twice a week, I use it everyday though.  Oh it even comes with a little manual on how to use it how cute.

Strawberry and coconut body butter.

Subhanallah!!! ie OMG!!! this body butter actually feels like BUTTER! It starts off as a thick creamy, chunky like substance and I was a bit disappointed to start off with but that was all washed away after I rubbed it into my hands and it melted, yes.. Melted! It turned into this sweeet smelling oil. Feels great on the body and leaves you feeling moisturised for a long while.

4 in 1 foot tool.

Every girl needs one of these. I am very particular when it comes to these because some of the heel filing parts cut the heel as opposed to just taking away the dead skin but this is just right. Had to have a pedicure when I saw this and my word, AMAZING results.

Banoffee Pie Body Oil

Ok this oil is sooooo true to its name. It smells like Banoffee pie. It is very moisturising and can be used as a daily oil or a massage oil. I would not advise you to use it on your face though because you will be overly shiny and end up looking like a mirror. Sad its not edible though. 

Strawberry and coconut cupcake lip balm

Save the best for last. This lip balm is divine. Love it! It keeps your lips super smooth but the only downside is  too sweet so you may end up licking it all off as soon as you get it on.

Glam Bakes look book

This is a really cute menu that has the different products and prices. 

To find out more about us and our sweet products visit our website
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