Saturday, 12 May 2012

~ Chanel chains ~

Hello there everyone, well here I am again apologising for dissappearing as usual. Well I have been super busy with uni and even though I still have a few days, I feel like I have earned this blog time lol.  Oh I am also working on my design and sewing again so the MM line might finally come out In Sha Allah.

Oh righty then, enough about me, lets get into todays DIY project. I love love love CHANEL. Well, who doesn't. Anyways I have been eyeing their clothes since forever and then I see this really cute blazer that was quite simple but had the gold chain that added a lil something to it and it hit me, DIY it you silly rabbit so here we are.

What you need.

  • Blazer of choice. Got mine from forever 21 a loong while ago.
  • Chain. Will stock them if you guys want but can get from local habadeshery well, that place that sells sewing stuff 
  • Needle and thread that are same colour as blazer.

Step 1.
Layout the chain the way you want it to go on your blazer. I made mine following the collar shape because I like it that way but feel free to get creative with it.

Step 2.
Work your magic and sew it on. Use a normal stitch going through every other hole. continue until you have achieved the look you want. I added the chain detail over the pocket and changed the button to one I got off a vintage blazer to give it more of a flow. 


Hope you enjoyed it. If you make one please share on our facebook page.

                                 xxx Put the I in Fashion xxx

''Be not sad for Allah is with us.'' Quran 9:40

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